Kadeem Tyrell is an R&B singer and songwriter that was born and bred in Battersea,
South London. A young Kadeem would grow up in the same area as Iconic British garage and hip-hop collective, So Solid Crew. “Growing up in Battersea definitely had an impact on my artistic influences as it’s full of amazing established creatives. The First artists that come to mind are so solid, who paved the way for the garage sound”. The group would have a heavy impact on the primary influences of his musical career as he would go onto create an “infusion of soulful garage” as a way to pay homage to his “area and musical upbringing surrounding it” tells Kadeem.

As a youngster Kadeem Tyrell expressed his love of the arts in many ways including drawing houses and flats. “I always wanted a huge house and would draw beautiful houses as a vessel to manifest it for myself in the future”. His passion was identified by his school, and he was swayed to look into architecture as a degree, as it was clear it that it was a talent that could be refined and honed, however it was evident early on that architecture was not his true calling as he found a greater purpose in music. “I realised 7 years at university did not spark the same energy and feeling that making music did. I could see myself in a big house but not being the designer of it, I actually envisaged myself singing amazing songs and being the creator of them” tells Kadeem.

Kadeem Tyrell is from the new school of talented artists emerging from the alternative sounds that the UK has to offer. His immersive feel-good sound is built under the core foundation of R&B with blends and elements of varying genres such as soul, neo-soul, garage, future beat and pop. His musical influences range from D’Angelo, Donnell Jones and “the amazing musicians [he is] surrounded by and exposed to, [his] peers”. South London songwriter and vocalist Ego Ella May is a close friend of Kadeem, she would have major impact on how he would view control and ownership as an artist. “When I first heard her music, I was in awe of her lyrics. What really inspired me was that she could do every part of the creative process within making a song. Seeing someone do everything by themselves, gave me the onus I needed to learn to do the same to have greater control in my artistry.”

When it comes to performance Kadeem excels at live, this is where his vocals really shine through. Kadeem has been able to grace stages across the UK since going on tour with his ‘Elements EP’. He’s performed at the legendary Jazz Café and showcased his vocals for the popular music lovers platform Sofar Sounds. With 696 festival, The great Escape and an opening slot for James Vickery at Lafyette, Kadeem continues to build a strong CV of live performances. Kadeem hopes to continue performing live, expanding to international audiences.

With his stock continuing to rise Kadeem shines through his singles that include, Let Me Know, Talk To Me and April 25th a standout release that has amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Kadeem Tyrell continues his growth within music with achievements that hold great sentimental value including performing for Foot Patrol x Puma as well as a stellar SOFAR sounds session. When speaking of his achievements Kadeem Tyrell explains his surreal journey from working for a company, to working in partnership with them. “Walking into the room and thinking am I actually here? I used to work under the company, so to end up singing for the same company felt like a surreal full circle moment in my journey as an artist”. These achievements were all that Kadeem Tyrell dreamt up finally coming into fruition. “Now I’m in a position I once dreamt of, I am now able to create new dreams and goals as I continue to grow as a musician.”